Showrunner confirms to a fan what will happen next


Fans had been asking Joe Henderson if he would eventually appear somewhere in the series after his colleague, Ildy Modrovich, appeared in season four of Lucifer.

Although none of the main writers appeared in the first half of Lucifer’s fifth season, British celebrity Sharon Osbourne made a rare cameo during an interrogation montage.

Henderson broke the news when Lucifer promoted Sharon’s scene as one of the best guest appearances of the year. A Lucifer fan mentioned that he wanted to see a cameo like Ildy did.

To which Henderson replied, “Oh, it’s going to happen,” prompting an excited reaction from the same fan. With the second half of Lucifer’s fifth season right around the corner, Henderson could show up somewhere.

However, the filming of the sixth and final installment of Lucifer is also underway. This means that there are still 8 episodes that could include a cameo from the second showrunner of the series.

Similar to Modrovich’s appearance, it would be fun to see Henderson interact with one of the show’s heavenly creations, or be questioned by Detective Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German).

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