Shownu is injured and MONSTA X delays his comeback


The group decided to cancel the release of Fantasia X and hope that the idol will recover. MONSTA X prepared to make their comeback with the album F ANTASIA X, however the group was forced to change their plans.

The boys were rehearsing the choreography for the main single, but Shownu suffered an injury and had to go to the hospital. We tell you the details.

MONSTA X’s agency Starship released a statement to postpone the album’s release, as Shownu suffered from back pain and has to undergo injection treatment and physical therapy. The company and group decided to cancel FANTASIA X, it will now come out on May 26 and Shownu is expected to make a recovery in that time period.

The idol was practicing when he suffered from physical discomfort, all future activities of the group were also postponed, although they managed to record Weekly Idol.

Through social networks, Monbebe shared his messages of support through the hashtag #GetWellSoonShownu , since they know that their health is a priority and they will wait the necessary time to see them on stage. His colleagues preferred to promote with him and give him their support.


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