Showing Shang Tsung in unpublished image


Continuing its series of promotions for the film Mortal Kombat, a new image emerged this Thursday (4) that gives an idea of ​​the look of Shang Tsung in this adaptation for the big screen.

The image in question shows the villain from the first game wearing armor while apparently talking to Raiden. Being the two main representatives on each side, it is to be expected that they will end up interacting throughout the film.

Brutal clashes

On the occasion, director Simon McQuoid revealed to the Total Film website that we can expect several clashes in this feature. In addition, the production team is working hard not to make these “kombates” not appear out of nowhere and disappear in the same way.

“I don’t want this [the confrontations] to end up looking like something generic. I also don’t want anything that is far from something you could see on an action team. The stunt team we have is just fantastic, and they managed to create fantastic things ”, commented the director.

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