Should there be more children’s films?


Horror fans have been loving the evil Chucky doll for decades. Ever since Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) met him in the 1988 movie Kid’s Games, Chucky has become a classic villain, a character who survives no matter what new movies come out. Chucky stands out among others for his talkativeness, jokes and bright character. Even knowing he’s a killing machine, viewers can’t help but want to stare at him for hours because there’s something cute about him.

On the eve of the premiere of the second season of the SyFy series “Chucky”, fans are curious whether there will be more films in the “Children’s Games” franchise, and there are several reasons why this might not be the best idea.

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“Children’s Games” 2019 is an unsuccessful reboot and the eighth film of the franchise. With the well-received and well-made series “Chucky,” fans of the evil doll franchise are wondering if there will be more movies. In 2021, Don Mancini told Entertainment Weekly that there could be more films: “We have plans to do this, perhaps instead of additional seasons of the series or in tandem with [them]. We’re creating a broader Chucky story. a universe with a TV series that can now be distributed to different media.”

Fans are gearing up for the second season of “Chucky” in October 2022, and it’s hard to imagine more “Baby Games” movies, as the series offers a smart and compassionate look at the ordinary life of a teenager… a familiar and beloved killer doll of Chucky. When comparing the TV series with the eight films that came before it, one thing stands out: the fact that the films have a more mannered tone. Although it works, and that’s what makes movies so funny and interesting to watch, it’s great that the series can combine serious topics affecting teenagers with a pleasant horror story. When Chucky approaches his victims and kills them, it becomes frightening to watch as the show becomes violent and terrifying.

It is difficult to understand what the future film “Children’s Games” might be about, since the TV show touches on so many topics. Seed Of Chucky was ahead of its time and researched Chucky and Tiffany’s baby, Glen/Glenda. Lachlan Watson will play Glen/Glenda in season 2 of the series, which will allow the series to talk about gender identity. Season 1 is about popularity as Alivia Elin Lind’s character, Lexi Cross, explores how to get better, as well as family dynamics, sibling rivalry, and the devastating loss of a parent. Jake Wheeler (Zachary Arthur) is an outstanding character, and it’s very touching to watch him learn more about himself and relive the death of his father.

It also doesn’t cost anything that while some movies are great, others seem lackluster, so it’s not like every movie in the franchise is worth watching. The original 1988 movie is funny, and “The Bride of Chucky” (1998) is also fun, but “The Cult of Chucky” (2017) takes place in a shelter, and there’s not much to love here. This raises the question of what the future film will be about and how it can compare to previous recordings. If there is something to tell in the universe of “Children’s Games”, then it should be more seasons of Chucky, since this is the best format. Since this is a TV series, the episodes can explore how the characters relate to Chucky and how they deal with him, as well as create terrifying cliffhangers at the end of each hour. It was really effective, and viewers love the series, and it has an 84% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as a 91% rating on tomatometer.

It’s also hard to support another “Kid’s Games” movie after the 2019 reboot. This was expected with great impatience, especially when fans learned that Aubrey Plaza would play the main role, since she is a favorite actress who plays both comedic and dramatic characters with talent. But instead, the movie completely fails, turning Chucky into a robot with artificial intelligence, rather than a legitimate threat that really feels dangerous. Like some of the worst horror movie remakes, the movie isn’t scary at all, and it doesn’t seem like it was a necessary addition. Thanks to this dreary remake and the impressive storytelling of the TV series, it’s hard to come up with another movie about Chucky.

While there will always be an audience for stories about Chucky, it seems that the SyFy series fulfills this need. The series is smart, creative and really cares about its characters, which sets a high bar for the films “Children’s Games”. It’s hard to imagine another movie as great as the show.


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