Should Star Wars bring back Starkiller?


In September 2008 , Star Wars: The Force Unleashed made a splash with its revolutionary physics-based physical strength, intense ruby and ruby combat system, and a storyline plunging into previously unexplored corners of the Star Wars galaxy. While the sequel to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was met with harsh criticism, the franchise was seen as a welcome addition to the Star Wars universe due to the extra depth it brought to characters like Darth Vader when he was a Sith lord. and for shedding light on a lesser-known era of galactic history right after the Clone Wars.

The main character of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was Vader’s student, Galen Marek, codenamed Starkiller. Starkiller’s task was to hunt down and kill the remaining Jedi who survived the purge, and eventually become strong enough to help Vader overthrow the Emperor. Starkiller helped form the Rebellion as a means to overthrow the Emperor, but was betrayed by Vader, who arrested the rebel leaders. Unfortunately, all of these events have been largely negated by Disney’s recent work. Vader’s Jedi Hunters are now an elite Inquisitor, and the Rebel Alliance’s origins have been restored in other media, such as the animated series Rebels. This, unfortunately, leaves very little room for the “Starkiller”.

Starkiller’s role in The Force Unleashed was replaced by The Inquisitor

One of the interesting aspects of Starkiller’s existence in the Star Wars universe is the fact that Vader had a secret student. This directly contradicts the Sith philosophy of the Rule of Two, according to which there is always only one master and his disciple. Galen Marek’s missions for Vader were strictly classified and shrouded in secrecy to hide this betrayal of the ancient ideals of the Sith, so the codename “Starkiller” was used to conceal the nature of these missions. As Vader’s precise tool in killing Jedi survivors and other valuable targets, the Starkiller played an exceptionally unique role. For better or worse, Disney’s reinterpretation of this timeline has replaced the secret Starkiller project with a much larger and more public Jedi-hunting institution, the Inquisition.

The Inquisitor replaced Starkiller in many ways, especially in his mission and his relationship with Darth Vader. Each Inquisitor is personally trained by Vader in the art of Force and lightsaber fighting to become the most effective Jedi extermination organization in the galaxy. Instead of a single student like Starkiller, the Inquisitor acts as a miniature Sith Order with the sole purpose of purging the galaxy of Jedi. However, in some areas it differs from the “Starkiller”. Starkiller’s intended goal was ultimately to help Vader overthrow the Emperor. Meanwhile, the Inquisitor, depicted in the series “Rebels” and especially shown in “Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order”, is essentially an imperial institution.

The origins of the Rebellion in The Force Unleashed have been Rewritten

Starkiller’s role as one of the founders of the Uprising was one of the most striking discoveries for the history of “Star Wars” in general. As soon as Vader betrayed Starkiller for the last time, he went to the Death Star to rescue the rebellious senators he had previously manipulated on Vader’s behalf. Starkiller sacrificed his life to save the senators who formed the Alliance for the Restoration of the Republic. In honor of Galen Marek’s sacrifice, his family emblem, the Starbird, was adopted as an instantly recognizable symbol of the rebels, familiar to anyone who has seen the Star Wars movie.

The animated series “Star Wars: Rebels” follows the formation of the Uprising from the very beginning as a group of loosely organized rebel cells. Featuring the Ghost rebel team along with the Phoenix cell, The Rebels show the gradual organization of these cells into a formidable and organized Alliance that will eventually overthrow the Empire. Of course, Starkiller is nowhere to be seen, and it is shown that the Alliance emblem is a combination of Sabine Ren’s personal signature and a three-pointed symbol from Guerrera. Despite the fact that even the Marek family coat of arms has been repurposed, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a place for a Starkiller without creating a completely new character that shares his name and personality. Even minor characters from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, such as Juno Eclipse or PROXY, seems to have more room for development.