Shotz Threatened His Fellow GTA RP Penta Streamer With a Lawsuit Over a Twitch Warning


After discovering that Twitch streamer Penta was using his voice in his subroutine alert, GTA RP streamer Shotz threatened legal action for using his voice.

GTA RP has a tight-knit community on Twitch, and many of the game’s biggest streamers are creating an ecosystem around their original characters and roles on any server.

However, placing so many large streamers in a community where they regularly interact with each other can lead to disagreements, whether it’s all for the show on the server or it extends to the real world.

GTA streamer RP Shotz has threatened legal action against another streamer RP Penta for using his voice in a Twitch alert for new subscribers.

Shotz threatened Penta with legal action over Twitch warning

Schotz wasn’t too happy to discover that his voice was being used to additionally alert Penta on Twitch. “I promise that if I get proof that he has my voice for the subwoofer, I will literally send this clip to my lawyer.”

He went on to say that he was going to “handle it in his own way,” and he was clearly concerned that his voice clip was being used by another streamer.

Shotz and Penta have interacted on several GTA RP servers, and they have a long history of streaming the game as some of the biggest Twitch streamers on the scene.

Penta responded to Schotz’s legal threats by stating that Schotz already knew that his voice was used in the warning and that they had already discussed the matter in the past.

“Why is he trying to behave in a completely new way? He knows… We talked about it. Penta further claimed that he informed Schotz about the use of his voice in a notification with NoPixel administrators during the conversation, and said that the warning was “3 years old”.

In conclusion, Penta said: “To hell with him, send him, I also have a lawyer.”


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