Shorts, YouTube’s ‘TikTok’ tests its own button on mobiles


If something is fashionable, you have to copy it. And if short TikTok videos are all the rage, then that’s what to give users. First it has been Instagram, which has done the same with its new Reels function, and now it is YouTube, which will do the same with its Shorts function, which will even have its own button in mobile apps.

YouTube Shorts app

Shorts is basically a platform for creating videos of 15 seconds or less. And to get an idea of ​​the importance that Google wants to give, the company has implemented a button dedicated to Shorts within the YouTube applications on Android and iOS. The button to create short videos on YouTube was in the bottom bar for Android users and now there would be a button dedicated specifically to ‘Shorts’ for Android and iOS users.

According to the Beebom website, the YouTube application on iOS has a ‘Shorts’ button next to the suggestion of custom themes. Some Android users have also seen this new button.

A button of your own

This button will apparently allow you to see the YouTube ‘Shorts’ and when you select it, a video will start playing. Users will also be able to like and comment on videos, as well as swipe up to view more videos. This move is similar to Instagram, which recently added its own Reels icon to the navigation bar. YouTube seeks to increase engagement and audience by showing users “a bright red Shorts icon every time they open the app.”

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