Short Film of the Week: Kukuschka


In this week’s Short Film corner, there is a stop-motion animation Kukuschka, which creates mind-blowing ideas on a subject we are familiar with, like motherhood, in a completely different world.

The Russian director Dina Velikovskaya, who now lives in Berlin, started to make her name internationally with her projects, St St Grandfather (2011) and About a Mother (2015). For Kukuschka dated 2016, which is not far from thematic sense of these films, we can say that the director’s name is the most heard work for now. The festivals the film visited and the awards it won at these festivals prove it. Perhaps the most important feature of Kukuschka, which is a stop-motion animation realized with puppets, conveying the questioning of the maternal past that we are familiar with to a very original world.

Kukuschka: In Another World

Kukuschka, carried out with the support of the Russian Ministry of Culture, takes us to a barren region that resembles a desert, perhaps to a completely different planet we have not met before. We meet a bird almost everywhere in its body, possibly wrapped with a bandage-like material to protect it from the negative features of this geography. The bird, which is the main character of the narrative, is constantly watching the sun at every opportunity; obviously he has a serious and unavoidable desire to reach the sun. For this purpose, the path is set, but there is another bird that has a footstep in various ways; and he is a baby hatch that he has set in a distant place at the beginning of the movie and aims to prevent him from interfering with his journey. With a total duration of approximately 9 minutes, Kukuschka focuses on the mother bird’s journey and the tidal relationship with this process puppy. We can not say that this kind of narrative is very new in context, but the fact that the relationship in question is carried to a completely different world with very carefully created details succeeds in making Kukuschka very interesting and touching.

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