Short dramas that you will finish watching in a single day


If you have little time to enjoy a drama, there are several alternatives that you will love and you will be able to see quickly.

The dramas are in different formats that adapt to the tastes of each person. Just as there are stories that cover very different themes, there are also very long stories and others that you can see in a very short time.

This is very convenient, because if you only have a few minutes a day, or want to finish the whole K-drama story quickly, you can do it and continue enjoying an incredible story.

The characters of these series will be hooked in the same way that happens with the K-Dramas that we see on a daily basis. It’s probably not a story that covers a long screen time, but it will do its job successfully.

Here we tell you about some doramas with few episodes or short chapters that you can see in a very short time but that you will enjoy widely.


Page Turner

Starring Kim Soo Hyun, this three-episode mini drama tells the story of Yoo Seul, a student who also works as a pianist to fulfill her mother’s dream. Everything changes when Yoo Seul has an accident that takes her away from music, but she will have the help of a boy to give her life a new direction.

My runway

It has only 6 episodes and presents the story of Seo Yeon, a girl who dreams of becoming a model, with great enthusiasm goes to an audition that fails completely due to her lack of skills and height. She manages to coincide with an important model, but has a bad experience that she wants to forget, but fate will bring them together again and will cause both to change their perception of the other.


You drive me crazy

This drama of only 4 episodes takes us to meet Eun Song, a girl who works as a translator, but her quiet life will take a turn after becoming close to Ra Wan, since after having a friendly bond they begin with a fleeting romance that it will not let them go on with their life normally.

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The Most Beautiful Goodbye

This drama is the length of a movie, it introduces us to Kim Hee, a woman who has raised a family but who unfortunately are far from an ideal team. After she learns that she is terminally ill, she will try to make the most of her time with life and say goodbye to her family properly.

Wednesday 3:30 PM

After her boyfriend decides to break up with her, Eun Woo will try to make him jealous with his best friend in order to try to get the boy she likes to change his mind. She creates a whole strategy to achieve it where social networks will become important, will she be able to win back her ex boyfriend?


Queen of the ring

Nan Hee is a normal girl with some insecurities about her appearance, one day her mother gives her a very special ring with a magic touch, this article will make a popular and cold-tempered boy notice her because he sees her with the image of his idea girl, will a love affair that started this way last?

Best Mistake

It has two seasons with 15 and 16 chapters each, but the episodes are only a few minutes long, so you can watch it quickly. She tells us the story of a student named Yeon Doo, she is being harassed by a boy and, to stop him, she pretends to have a boyfriend, only unexpectedly the boy in the image she uses will appear in front of her and turns out to be a bad boy .

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