Shopping event becomes bait for phishing scams


Brazil 2020 Week, a discount campaign promoted by the Federal Government in partnership with retailers across the country, has barely started and is already the target of cybercriminals.

Last Thursday (3), the first day of the event, experts from the security company Kaspersky already identified scams to steal personal data, such as bank credentials, from consumers. Published on social networks, the fake ads use the name of true e-commerce and bring tempting offers.

In one of the traps, released through a sponsored Facebook post, cybercriminals announce a 4K TV offer for less than R $ 600, well below the market price. To convey credibility, false advertising mimics the visual communication of advertisements by Lojas Americanas, a very popular retail chain in Brazil.

The link contained in the ad leads to a phishing page, the purpose of which is to receive payments for nonexistent products or to intercept bank details. When making the alleged purchase, the victim provides criminals with sensitive information such as social security number and credit card number, among others.


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