Shopping era begins on Twitter! Here are the details


The popular micro blogging application Twitter will soon offer its users the ability to shop on the platform. A leak that emerged today showed that Twitter has begun testing for the “Store” button.

In recent years, social media services, especially Facebook and Instagram, have begun to offer their users the opportunity to shop without leaving the platform. In this way, by keeping potential customers in practice; They aim to make small businesses selling online also an integral part. Looking at the latest leak claims, it is understood that Twitter will soon be one of the platforms that join this caravan.

Twitter works on the ‘Shopping’ button

The latest tweet, shared by social media consultant Matt Navarra, exposed some of Twitter’s covert work. According to Navarra, the platform is currently rolling up its sleeves for tweets containing a shopping link.

Leaked images show us that Twitter has designed a very simple shopping card. No additional details are included here, except for the photo, name, sales address, price and ‘shopping button of the product in question. But in a way that allows the sellers to make a statement about the product; There seems to be room for 280-character status messages.

With his Twitter shopping card, he hopes to impress both online retail stores and their customers. For now, although direct selling does not appear to be allowed as on Instagram or Facebook; It is not known for now whether this will change or not in the future. In fact, it is possible to say that Twitter is even late compared to its competitors. In this way, the company expands its income sources; at the same time, it can manage to keep its users on the platform for longer.


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