Shonen Jump’s spin-off, Jump+, Gets a Huge English-language expansion


Over the past few years, Shonen Jump’s spin-off, Shonen Jump+, has become the dominant force in the manga world, and now Jump+ will be easier to access than ever for readers around the world.

While Shonen Jump is the most famous manga magazine in the world, Jump+ has gained incredible fame. Starting as a digital extension of Shonen Jump in 2014, Jump+ has quickly developed its own identity, completely different from the standard Jump. Jump+ is currently home to manga that may seem either too weird or too adult for Shonen Jump. Jump+ currently publishes huge manga such as Spy X Family, Chainsaw Man and Kaiju No. 8, and they all have an edge that may contradict the style and tonality of the usual Shonen Jump manga. And as a Jump+ series like Dandadan gets weirder and weirder, that gap only gets bigger. Although many fan-favorite manga, such as the entire manga listed above, are available in English through both Viz Media and its own Jump Manga+ app, not all manga has been translated into English. Fortunately for fans of digital publications, everything will change in 2023.

Now Shonen Jump News is tweeting that all Shonen Jump+ series will be translated into English and released along with the regular Shonen Jump manga in the Manga+ app. However, Jump+ manga is not only available for translation, it is simultaneously published all over the world (with the exception of China and Korea), which means that Jump+ fans will not have to wait to read new issues of their favorite manga. All this will begin in 2023.

All this is not only interesting for numerous Jump+ fans, but also shows how much Jump+ has already become an institution. Fancier titles that don’t quite fit the classic Shonen template, such as Spy X Family and Chainsaw Man, are perfect for a digital service. There is even an argument that Jump+ has an impact on the main magazine Shonen Jump, since this magazine has been noticeably more risky since the advent of Jump+. However, there are people who claim that Jump+ is actually better. The digital service is much less competitive than its print counterpart, which means that manga has time to grow without fear of being cut. Given all this, it’s clear that Jump’s publisher, Shueisha, would like to make Jump+ more accessible to fans from all over the world.

Despite Jump+’s relationship to the main Shonen Jump Magazine, it is one of the most exciting Shonen manga publishers. Jump+ manga, such as “The Man with the Chainsaw”, is perfect literally from the first page, and not just wins fans. Fans of Shonen Jump+ can now count on new releases immediately after their publication.