Shonda Rhimes says her move to Netflix involves Disney


In 2017, Shonda Rhimes surprised the television world by announcing that she was leaving ABC. To make the situation even more striking, the successful screenwriter and producer decided to go to work on Netflix, an absolute success and a great enemy of television.

Recently, Shonda told, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, all behind the scenes of the decision to leave ABC, after spending 15 years on the network and having been responsible for outstanding series like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

Disagreements with ABC

The screenwriter told THR that the relationship with the television network was already severely strained. According to her, there were many restrictions and attitudes that were complicating life. She even said she felt “like she was pushing the same ball uphill in exactly the same way for a long time”.

However, the big trigger for the separation between Rhimes and the television channel was the difficulty to get a day pass at Disneyland, which costs US $ 154.00.

The Disneyland episode

Shonda Rhimes says she requested, in 2017, an all-inclusive pass to be able to enjoy Disney with her sister and her family, something that should be easy, since ABC owns the park. However, she received a lot of resistance and denials from the television network staff.

Ultimately, Shonda won the pass, but, making the story even more absurd, the ticket didn’t work when the production company’s family members arrived at the park.

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