Shonda Rhimes finally spoke about the conclusion of the medical drama


Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air since 2005. The series entered its eighteenth season last October on ABC, and fans have been getting signs that the long-running medical drama will culminate sooner than many imagine. . In fact, lead star Ellen Pompeo is proof that the series is in intensive care.

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy was an atypical installment. Although the crucial moment that humanity is currently experiencing due to the virus was taken advantage of to be included as a story in Grey’s Anatomy, according to the interpreter of Meredith Gray, the drama is running out of narrative claiming that they are out of print.

In a recent statement, Pompeo stated that it is time for Grey’s Anatomy to come to an end, and that therefore she is trying to convince everyone to do so. It is something that some fans agree on, who were satisfied and began to speculate that the conclusion of the series is imminent, since they brought back several of their favorites in the last installment: Patrick Dempsey, T.R. Knight, Eric Dane, and Chyler Leigh.

It has been said many times that as Meredith Gray is the soul of the show, it is Ellen Pompeo who has the last word regarding the timing of Grey’s Anatomy’s conclusion. Even Shonda Rhimes and Krista Vernoff, the current showrunner, have affirmed it. However, now the creator of the program has put an end to the theme of the end of the ABC series.

In an interview with Adweek, Rhimes admitted that she has not yet decided on how Gray’s Anatomy should end and she believes she should have a few more seasons. In fact, despite the rumors suggesting the early conclusion, she admitted that this is far from happening, and therefore will not happen at least for now. Last year, she argued with Walt Disney Television president of entertainment Dana Walde, and they said the drama couldn’t end in the middle of a pandemic.

“The longer the pandemic lasted, the less good it felt, the idea that we would end up in the middle of this medical crisis.”

In another interview with Variety, Rhimes revealed that she has written the ending of Gray’s Anatomy at least eight times on different occasions. Recall that before Season 17 wrapped up, Vernoff claimed that that installment had been planned as the finale. However, number 18 arrived and rumors about the end take over social networks again.

The important thing about all this is that the creator affirms that the end will not happen in the short term, but what the writers should take into account is to make sure that the audience does not decline as it has been happening lately, and for this it must prevail creativity to make stories interesting and less repetitive, as fans are complaining about what happened in episode 8 of the current season aired on December 16, related to the new romance in the drama.