Shocking MCU Theory Shows Asgard Survived a Celestial Appearance


The Eternals told a little more about the origin and history of the celestials and explained how these powerful cosmic beings are born, which led to the theory that Asgard from the Marvel cinematic universe survived the appearance of the celestial. Phase 4 of the MCU continues to expand the stories of already existing characters, as well as introducing new ones and exploring new events and concepts, and now that the Avengers is over, this new phase has already introduced a new team of superheroes in Chloe Zhao’s “Eternals.”

The Eternals presented the titular team, a group of synthetic beings created by the Celestial Arishem Judge and sent to Earth to protect it from Deviants, evil doppelgangers of the Eternals. After the Deviants were defeated, the Eternals stayed on Earth to help humanity develop, but they were not allowed to interfere in their conflicts. The paths of the Eternals diverged due to different views on humanity and other factors, and reunited many, many years after the death of their leader Ajak (Salma Hayek), the return of Deviants and the rapid approach of an apocalyptic event called “Appearance”. Through their new leader, Cersei (Gemma Chan), the Eternals learned the truth about their origin and mission on Earth, which led to most of the team rebelling against their creator.

The Celestials have already been mentioned in the MCU, albeit briefly, and the Eternals have tried to explain a little more about their origin and history. While the Eternals told more about these powerful beings, they also left a bunch of questions about the Celestials and their role in the MCU, and also gave way to various theories that try to explain more about the Celestials and even connect them with the rest. from the MCU. One of these theories suggests that Asgard experienced the appearance of a Celestial many, many years ago, and there are several facts confirming this idea.

Explanation of the MCU Celestials

The Celestials are the oldest race in the universe, possessing enormous abilities to manipulate matter and energy. The celestials existed long before the dawn of creation and were responsible for the Big Bang that brought light to the universe, the creation of planets, stars and life forms, as well as for the Six Singularities. The celestials can also create their own kind, but for this they push the boundaries of life in the universe, seeding the planets with incipient celestials. The birth of a new Celestial is called “Appearance”, and the appearance of a Celestial requires a huge amount of energy from intelligent life forms. It was for this reason that Arisham sent the Eternals to Earth to get rid of Deviants and allowed them to help humanity develop, because the more they did, the faster the Heavenly Tiamut received the energy needed to get out of the Earth. Of course, the appearance of the Celestial meant the complete destruction of the planet on which he was sown, although some believe that not all the planets used for the birth of the Celestial were lost.

MCU Theory: Asgard experienced a Celestial Appearance

The way the Celestials are born and the peculiar shape of Asgard have led to theories that Thor’s homeworld survived the appearance of the Celestials many centuries ago. Asgard in the MCU does not have the shape of a planet, but is a flat asteroid-like mass, and this peculiar shape may be the result of the appearance of a Celestial. A theory posted on Reddit suggests that Asgard was the seed of the Celestial, and when the time came for his birth, Bohr (Odin’s father) protected the city of Asgard and its surroundings from its destruction, so Asgard is not a complete planet. The same theory suggests that the Celestial who appeared from Asgard was Knowledgeable here, which gives an answer to one of the biggest mysteries of the MCU Celestials.

Another theory (also on Reddit) explains that Odin had a Space Stone at some point, and therefore either he or one of his ancestors used the Stone to prevent the complete destruction of their planet when the Appearance finally occurred. Some users note that the idea of creating Asgard as a result of the incident resembles the Scandinavian myth of Ymir, when Odin and his brothers Wili and Ve created the Earth from Ymir’s flesh, the ocean from his blood, mountains. from his bones, trees from his hair, clouds from his brains, heaven from his skull, and Midgard from his eyebrows. Although this theory has some general similarities with the myth of Ymir, this obviously does not confirm that Asgard in the MCU is indeed the result of a celestial appearance, but it further connects Thor’s homeworld with his roots in Scandinavian mythology.

Although Asgard in the MCU has a peculiar shape, this can be justified by considering Asgard as a kingdom and not a planet, which means that it does not necessarily have to have a spherical shape.