Shocking death in 100 Showrunner Episode 7×13


In The 100 7×13, we witnessed one of the most shocking moments in the series so far. In the recently released episode, we see the conflict between Bellamy and Clarke growing, after all, he is devoted to Bill and goes against Clarke’s position, which aims to protect Madi and the notebook in which are the memories involving the Flame.

When Bellamy tries to take that notebook to hand to his people, Clarke has no other option and shoots him. The situation is shocking and surprised the fans.

The 7×13 episode is one of the most surprising of the 7th season of The 100 and left viewers looking forward to what else could happen by the end of the series.

Is Bellamy really dead?

According to Jason Rothenberg, showrunner for The 100, Bellamy died. Jason used his Twitter account to remind viewers that the series revolves around survival and the obstacles that come along.

For Clarke, Bellamy was an obstacle to his survival and it was necessary to get rid of him to protect the greater good.

Still in his publication, Rothenberg thanked Bob Morley, the actor responsible for bringing Bellamy to life over the seven seasons.

It was a gratifying process to see Bellamy grow, even though her participation came to an end in The 100 7th season.


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