Shock Claim For BitMEX: Where Has $ 440 Million Gone?


The founders of the Bitcoin (BTC) exchange BitMEX allegedly transferred $ 440 million to their personal accounts belonging to the company. The owners of the claim claim that these transactions were made after an investigation was opened against the stock market.

According to sources such as CoinDesk and The Block, a new claim has been made against the company called HDR Global, which is affiliated with the Bitcoin exchange BitMEX. HDR Global executives allegedly transferred $ 440 million owned by the company to their personal accounts in the three months before BitMEX was investigated.

Litigation was filed against BitMEX

In May, two individuals, Yaroslav Kolchin and Vitaliy Dubinin, filed a lawsuit against HDR Global and the founders of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo and Samuel Reed. The plaintiffs’ claim was that the company and the aforementioned individuals manipulated the cryptocurrency market and laundered money.

BitMEX, one of the largest exchanges in the cryptocurrency world, has recently been investigated by the Commodity Futures Contracts Commission (CFTC) in the USA. The CFTC, together with the Ministry of Justice, issued an arrest warrant for the exchange’s founders. BitMEX co-founder Samuel Reed was arrested on this order and released on bail of $ 5 million.

They’re after $ 440 million

The individuals who sued BitMEX in May have now filed a new claim regarding the exchange. According to court records, BitMEX founders transferred $ 440 million to their personal accounts after the CFTC opened an investigation into the stock market.

The plaintiffs argued that HDR Global’s management team knew that such an investigation could be initiated and had taken action against it for several months. According to the plaintiffs’ claim, it took three months for the administrators to transfer this money to their personal accounts.

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Company executives have not yet responded to these allegations, CoinDesk reports.


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