Ship blocking the Channel becomes mod in Flight Simulator


The ship Ever Given, which ran aground on the Suez Canal last Tuesday (23) and blocked for a few days one of the main commercial sea routes in the world, is now in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This was possible thanks to a modification published by the user Zepingouin35, within the assets, mods and updates platform.

By downloading and installing, the player can fly over the exact location where Ever Given stopped in the Egypt region. You can download the modification via this link.

The video below shows the modification made to the PC title.

With the Panama flag, the Ever Given freighter was successfully removed from the sandbanks on the sides of the Suez Canal on March 29.

The traffic of ships that were unable to pass through the area and the direction of the vessels to other routes, which had not been used for centuries, were not recreated in this modification. To do this, you need to download a second file on the same platform.

Launched in 2020, the Microsoft simulator stands out for, among other reasons, the realism in portraying airports or tourist spots and the possibility of adding locations from the most varied parts of the world through modifications.


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