Shingeki No Kyojin: In what order to watch the entire series


With the current release of Attack on Titan Season 4, we look back to recommend an order in which to watch and read the entire saga.

Since last Sunday, December 6, we have broadcast (one episode every week) the fourth and final season of Shingeki No Kyojin or Attack on Titans. The anime of the saga will thus end its last arc to cover everything seen in the manga on paper. Even so, we have other films and OVAs that are also canon and therefore we must take them into account if our objective is to know in detail the invention of Hajime Isayama. As for the films, either they are summaries of anime or non-canonical productions, so we do not add them to the main list Without further ado, below we leave you with the complete list of audiovisual episodes ordered to discover Shingeki No Kyojin from start to finish.

Shingeki No Kyojin: Complete manga, anime and OVA order

Season 1: 25 first anime episodes and Manga chapters 1 to 33
Season 1 OVA: it consists of 3 episodes: “Ilse’s diary” (Important due to introducing relevant points in the plot; based on chapter 18.5 of the manga), “An unexpected visitor” (OVA of comedy based in the fake previews) and “Difficulty” (an original anime story).
OVA “No regrets”: composed of 2 episodes, based on a visual novel / spin-off manga. Important because events and locations arise that appear later in other Seasons.
Season 2: composed of 12 episodes (from 26 to 37). Covers manga chapters 34 through 50.
OVA “Lost Girls”: composed of two episodes, based on a visual novel / spin-off manga.
Season 3 (First half): composed of 12 episodes (from 38 to 49). Covers manga chapters 51 to 72.
Attack on Titan: Junior High: composed of 12 episodes and based on a spin-off manga. It is not canon and it is a parody set in a school setting. It is recommended that we watch it after watching the first half of Season 3 in order to get all the references.
Season 3 (second half): composed of 12 episodes (from 50 to 61). Covers manga chapters from 73 to 90.
Season 4: the final season of the anime will show us the final outcome of the story. Therefore, it will cover from chapter 94 to the last of the manga.


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