SHINee’s Onew ends his military service and fans welcome him


The idol will be reunited with his fans after almost 2 years. SHINee’s Onew is back and ends his military service after almost 2 years.

The leader of the group has already left the army after fulfilling his duty as a Korean citizen, he is the first member to rejoin his status as an idol after serving his country, Shawol is excited to reunite with the idol again.

Through social networks,Shawol has positioned the hashtag #OnewIsBACK on Twitter trends to celebrate his departure from the army. On the SHINee official site, the countdown to Onew has ended, showing the score in 0 days and with the caption D-Day.

Apparently, Onew may have been discharged overnight, so fans have been waiting for his first update with a selfie or message. The fandom has sent messages of congratulations and support to welcome and congratulate him on accomplishing his mission successfully.

Onew was the first member of the group to enlist in the military service and was absent for almost 2 years, the army is one of the most difficult stages for fans, because if they serve actively, they can hardly ever see them, unless it is at festivals. military or photos of your base.

The idol is characterized by his talent as a composer and actor, he has written some songs for the group and OST for dramas, he has also participated in musicals.

During his enlistment, Shawol could not say goodbye to the idol , since he decided to have a private income, a similar case to his departure, since there are still no photos or videos of Onew. He is expected to meet with Taemin, his groupmate, and the only one not yet listed.

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