SHINee’s Key concludes his military service


Ki Bum is back! SHINee’s fans warmly welcomed the idol after he terminated his military service. SHAWOL’s celebration of Key’s arrival has taken over social media, SHINee has built a solid fandom over the years, and now his followers receive the idol with great excitement after the conclusion of his military service.

The idol born on September 23, 1991 had been fulfilling his duty as a citizen of South Korea, but the wait for his fans ended along with Key’s pending duties.

In January 2019, the SM Entertainment rapper and vocalist announced that he would be joining the military band to fulfill his service, so in March of that same year he enlisted in the army.

We know that the military enlistment of K-Pop idols is always difficult for fans who are used to having frequent updates and promotions from their favorite artists, but all waiting has its payoff and Ki Bum has now brought great joy to his followers. .


SHINee fans took this opportunity to show all their love to Ki Bum, who after leaving his service was greeted with a large number of messages welcoming him and congratulating him on the goal achieved.

The messages of admiration were also present and the SHAWOLs did not stop mentioning how talented and charismatic this idol is.

These Twitter posts used hashtags like #KEYisBack #Myfreak_Key_is_back, bringing together many members of the SHINee fandom.

On the other hand, The Rose’s Hajoon is ready to begin his military service and shared a special message with his fans.

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