SHINee Taemin 3rd album first release


Taemin of Korean boy band SHINee released their first third solo album, consisting of two albums, “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1”, in the 7th.

Taemin said he showed “a lot of love” when comparing the album to a thriller and that it would lead to the release of “Act 2” through his office in the future.

Reinforcing his position as a solo singer, Taemin aims to destroy the world he is used to with the third album and express the difficulty of finding a new ego like the movie. “At first I wanted to make a special album and I tried to get inspiration while watching various movies. In doing so, I thought it would be interesting to make the album like a single story movie. I explained.

The title song “Criminal” has a powerful cinematic atmosphere with a tense rhythm and Taemin’s voluptuous vocals. Taemin, who gave various ideas and developed the integrity of the song, explained, “I thought it was a song that fits the album’s concept very well.” He said he could look like a character in a movie with his conceptual song and performance that fit the song’s atmosphere. The music video (MV) of this song was also made “so that the storytelling can be seen clearly like a movie trailer”.

Performance focused on articulating “call transfer”. Taemin said that the dance was “impressive” from the peak of the song to the end.

In addition to “Criminal”, the album includes “Black Rose”, which resembles a solar eclipse when faced with a new ego, and “Strangers” who are unaware of each other and sing with each other. All 9 songs were recorded.

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