SHINee preparing group comeback after Minho


SHINee is back! The K-pop group is set for their first musical comeback, Taemin shared the first spoiler with Shawol.

Yesterday was a date highly anticipated by fans, as MinHo was discharged from his mandatory military service and was reunited with his teammates after almost two years of waiting, except for Taemin, the boys have already enlisted in the army and they are ready to surprise with new music through their new comeback.

As part of the promotions for his second album “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2”, Taemin recorded a video for SHINee’s VLive channel, where he shared a talk with his fans while doing some crafts and decided to reveal the first spoiler of the comeback. together with his companions.

The last release of the idols was “Countless”, a song they released in September 2018, since then, Key, MinHo and Onew have been absent to enter the military and Taemin promoted with his solo career. Now, they are ready to resume their activities groups with new projects for 2021.


Taemin decided to share his plans during his special VLive broadcast, the idol assured that he was excited, because after a long time he met with his classmates, who accompanied him yesterday to one of his musical presentations with “IDEA”, they also performed a live in Instagram and shared their first group photo in two years.

Taemin explained that they have been working very hard for their comeback, as it is something very special for them as it will be their first material in almost two years. He promised that they will meet with their fans as soon as possible and announced that the comeback will be before the end of winter, which would occur between January and February 2021.

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After the announcement, Shawol positioned the group’s name in a trend and they shared various messages of support, having waited a long time to see them reunited. There is no exact date yet, it is not known if it will be a single or an album as such, but SHINee is back. Are you ready? The group is known for its vocal talents and versatility, being one of the figures that propelled K-pop fame by being an inspiration to other generations of idols.

Yesterday, SHINee’s MinHo reunited with his fans after being away for almost 2 years to do his military service in the navy.


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