SHINee: Ki’s Songs to Learn about his Solo Career


Ki debuted with SHINee in 2008 with the song “Replay”. This K-Pop group is owned by SM Entertainment and consists of four members: Onyu, Minho, Taemin and Ki. Each of the performers has a solo career, so we share with you the idol’s collaborations and his individual works.

Ki not only acts as a rapper in SHINee, he is also an excellent dancer, singer, actor, model, presenter, also idol started his solo career in 2018 with his album “FACE”, since then idol has shown many of his facets as an artist.

Surely you know a little about idol, so we are sharing this list of recommendations so that you can get to know his side as a soloist and thus add other songs to your playlist. You can find a series of songs that you will like in your free time.



If you need a retro-style song, then ‘BAD LOVE’ is definitely for you, it contains interesting electronic sounds, and the vocal power that the idol radiates is just phenomenal, have you already heard it? Surely you will not get it out of your head.


This song is written by Ki as a soloist, this song will certainly trap you with the high notes that the singer performs, and you may feel a little identified with the lyrics if you feel in love. Idol knows how to make his fans dance and sing with his songs.

I hate it

But if you like sad ballads, you will definitely enjoy this collaboration with singer Taeyong. The voices of both artists are very well suited to each other, you may also feel a little identified with the lyrics, as it speaks of someone’s feelings when the relationship ends.

I want to be

Ki had an endless collaboration, and he worked on this song with rapper Soen from the K-Pop group (G)I-DLE. In “I Wanna Be” we listened to the style of each of the artists, and we like the resulting combination. Like it?

One of those nights

In this collaboration, Ki worked with the singer Crush, “One of These Nights” takes you on a journey with its laid-back style, we hear guitars, as well as handclaps and a memorable style that can just make you stamp your feet to the beat of the music. Like it?