Shin Minah reveals evidence of harassment from her former ILUV classmates


Shin Minah, a former idol from ILUV shared how her bandmates treated her. Shin Minah , a former member of the ILUV group reveals evidence of the harassment she received from her former colleagues.

Recently some idols of the K-pop have raised their voices to reveal to the public the harassment suffered by their companions of group , the company that represents or sasaeng fans.

Social media is a great platform for idols from various groups to immediately communicate with their fans around the world, regardless of distance or language, the followers of these artists always show their support.

But social apps are also a means of revealing some awkward events, such as in the case of star Shin Minah, a former member of the K-pop girl group ILUV .

Through Instagram a fan asked Shin Minah if he had ever been harassed by someone, the idol revealed that her fellow ex of group had harassed physically and mentally. WKS ENE, ILUV company in a statement denied the allegations.

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<Official Statement regarding the Rumor on ILUV Members> Recently, our artist Minah spread false claims that she was bullied by all six members of ILUV, including beating, cursing and mental harassment, which seriously defames the reputation of existing members and former members. Therefore WKS ENE would like to express our official statement on this. Minah has been on a break since January for health reasons, and the company wanted to give her a chance for a new project, but she needed more time to recover, so we continued to allow the extension of her vacation. It’s sorry that this happened while she was on her vacation as requested. The six other former members of ILUV and WKS ENE make it clear that what she claimed was never true. Since Minah is refusing to meet face to face and telling her SNS account that she is suffering from mental illnesses such as severe insomnia, we hoped her health would recover, refraining from taking an active response to her comments. The other six members of the ILUV are deeply shocked and hurt by the one-sided and groundless assertion made by a person who is saying that she has trouble with their mental health. If the absurd claims continue, we have no choice but to take due legal action to protect our artist from further spreading groundless information and damaging their image and reputation. Also, we would like to ask you. Please refrain from speculative articles, quotations, or malicious comments based on unconfirmed information, and if they were caused by misunderstanding, I would appreciate it if you could voluntarily delete them. We intended to announce the company's position earlier for our worried fans, but we apologize for the delay in the announcement because the company needed to confirm the exact facts of Min-ah's claim again. Thank you. WKS ENE . .

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Gahyun , who was part of the official ILUV lineup , claimed that what Minah said was true. As proof of the bullying Shin Minah suffered , the idol posted an image of a letter from a Japanese fan, in the description she explained:

Before stopping my promotions, this is a letter from a fan from Japan, but I was not at that time because I was ill, the members of the group took photos with letters from fans on their official Instagram .

Afterward, I couldn’t find the fan’s letter no matter how much I searched for it, but I didn’t ask because they generally don’t respond to me. Then I found her in the trash can. You can find the picture on the official account Instagram from ILUV .

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제가 활동 중단 전에 아파서 집에서 쉬던 날 일본에서부터 팬레터가 왔다고 합니다. 멤버들끼리 공식 인스타에 팬레터를 들고 사진을 찍고 올렸더라구요. 제가 숙소에 돌아간 이후 아무리 찾아봐도 팬레터는 보이지 않았고 당연히 물어봐도 제 말에 대답을 안해주니까 물어보지 못했습니다. 그러다가 쓰레기통에서 이 편지를 발견했습니다. 그래서 현재까지 제가 잘 간직하고 있습니다. @iluv_official_ 에 들어가시면 사진 보실 수 있습니다. – – A fan letter came from Japan the day I was resting at home because I was sick before I stopped working. Members took pictures and uploaded them on their official Instagram. Since I went back to the dorm, I couldn't find the fan letter no matter how much I looked for it, and of course, I couldn't ask because they didn't answer me. Then I found this letter in the trash can. That's why I've kept it well until now. Go to @iluv_official_ to see your photos.

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The members of ILUV have not spoken about this letter , nor has the company expressed its position before this new publication and statement by its former representative Shin Minah.

Recently, AOA leader Jimin publicly apologized to former groupmate Mina for her behavior, but the rapper received new allegations.


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