Shin Min Ah talks about her K-drama experience and more


The 37-year-old actress Shin Min Ah has played memorable characters in more than a dozen dramatic productions and feature films, most notably her latest work starring in El amor es como el chachachá (Hometown ChaChaCha) with Kim Seon Ho as a romantic couple and his An upcoming K-Drama entitled Our Blues, which is in full swing and in which it will appear on screen alongside a veritable constellation of stars from the South Korean art world.

The beautiful actress recently participated in a photoshoot accompanied by a short interview for Elle Korea magazine, which will be featured on the January 2022 issue, in which she talked a bit about her most recent artistic experiences. Especially about her passing through Love is like cha-cha, Shin Min Ah said that despite the fact that she has finished, she still feels very identified with the character she played.

As you will remember, El amor es como el chachachá, consists of 16 episodes and was broadcast on the tvN network between the months of August and October of this year. It is currently part of the Netflix streaming platform’s catalog of options and revolves around a beautiful romantic comedy based on the popular South Korean film Mr. Hong from 2004, about the meeting of two very different people. The K-drama introduces us to Hong Du Sik (Kim Seon Ho) and Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah), who meet in the small, peaceful seaside town called Gongjin.

“I think I became more flexible after playing Yoon Hye Jin in Love is like cha-cha (Hometown ChaChaCha) Just because I start a new project does not mean that my previous project disappears from within me.”

“I’ve been living and thinking like Hye Jin for months, so I want to say goodbye to her properly, but I started filming my next project shortly after Love is like cha-cha was over, so I feel like I’m both characters.”

The project Shin Min Ah refers to is his new K-Drama Our Blues, in which he will play Min Sun Ah, a woman with a secret and whose cast will be led by international Lee Byung Hun (recently seen in the hit Game of Netflix’s Squid) along with Uhm Jung Hwa, Cha Seung Won, Han Ji Min, Lee Jung Eun and in which the actress will appear for the first time with her real-life partner Kim Woo Bin, with whom they had never interacted in a Same K-Drama.

The story is presented with the concept of the omniverse in which seven characters will be randomly paired. The famous Lee Byung Hun will play Lee Dong Suk, a man born and raised in the Jeju Island countryside who sells trucks for a living. While Shin Min Ah will act alongside Lee Byung Hun as Min Sun Ah, a woman who hides a secret who comes to Jeju Island.

In Our Blues, Han Ji Min will be seen on screen as Lee Young Ok, a rookie haenyeo (female divers who have become one of Korea’s major tourist and cultural symbols). She is an intelligent character at a time in her life that is very particular to her as she is surrounded by various rumors. We will also see the handsome Kim Woo Bin as the ship’s captain Park Jung Joon, a kind character who upon meeting Lee Young Ok falls madly in love with her.

Cha Seung Won will play Choi Han Soo who returns to her hometown after adjusting to city life, while Lee Jung Eun will play a fish shop owner named Jung Eun Hee, who is reunited with her first love Choi Han. Soo after 30 years of not seeing each other. Meanwhile, Uhm Jung Hwa will take on the role of Go Mi Ran, Jung Eun Hee’s friend who returns to the island tired of living in the city.

“I’m filming ‘Our Blues’ and I think I’ll be able to show the fans a different performance than my previous work. I am very focused and excited these days. The rich stories portrayed by various actors will greatly delight viewers. “