Shiba Inu Inventor: I’m Not a Billionaire! I will never leave


Following the departure of legendary DeFi developer Andre Cronje from the industry, Shiba Inu Chief Developer Shytoshi Kusama has confirmed that he will never leave Shiba…

Shiba Inu inventor says he won’t leave and will do whatever he can

Shiba Inu’s developer leader, nicknamed Shytoshi Kusama, has reaffirmed his commitment to the development of the SHIB ecosystem, following rumors that key developers Andre Cronje and Anton Neil have stopped contributing to the decentralized financial space. In a recent Twitter post, Kusama shared that he will continue to give his quota to the Shiba ecosystem by developing useful initiatives that will help the cryptocurrency be recognized as a utility token rather than a meme coin:

I imagine a world where the majority of people perceive the end. (This is what I get.) I’m not a millionaire (and I never will be), just an ordinary guy trying to get the most out of a millionaire.

According to the main developer of Shiba Inu, the recent separation of Cronje and Neil illustrates the threat faced by Bitcoin engineers for their contribution to developing a decentralized financial environment that can provide financial independence to everyone. The pseudonymous Shiba Inu developer said that despite anger, (nonsense), and tribute, he “won’t give up until we create a new universe.”

The developer’s remarks followed a number of key partnerships.

Kusma’s remarks came after he punished his opponents for criticizing the initiative for failing to negotiate key collaborations with Microsoft and Warner Brothers in recent weeks. According to Kusama, Shiba Inu has yet to achieve major collaborations because it is still being built and many of its ventures are still in development.

As reported by Somanews, Neil and Cronje announced on Twitter yesterday that they are closing the DeFi and crypto development division. Many decentralized financial cryptocurrencies, including Phantom (FTM), Yearn Finance (YFI), Geist Finance (GEIST) and others, fell as a result of the tragic news. Meanwhile, Kusama remains at the forefront of major Shiba Inu initiatives that will transform SHIB from a meme token to a utility token.

As seen in the tweet above, Shiba is now developing a play-to-win (P2E) game and a burning gateway that will limit the overall SHIB supply and therefore increase the value of the cryptocurrency.