Shiba Inu Delivers the Good News: These 3 Coins Are Adding to Cart!


Mover, a startup that creates a Metaverse savings card, has recently added support for SHIB, LEASH, and BONE in the Shiba Inu token ecosystem, according to a Twitter post.

Mover supports tokens in the Shiba Inu ecosystem

Mover, a startup for payment transactions, is adding the Shiba Inu (SHIB) trio to the platform, according to a recent post on Twitter. Mover is a mobile-first financial services app that lets you trade, store, send and earn interest in cryptocurrencies in a simple wallet with a debit card. The startup opened the option to top up Shiba Inu crypto cards in December.

Apart from Shiba Inu and its tokens, the platform offers upload support for Ethereum (ETH), Magic Internet Money (MIM), Olympus DAO (OHM), Frax Coin (FRAX), and several stablecoins. Apart from that, Mover also offers an NFT. This NFT is traded through a personalized savings card that collects rewards from metaverses and stores them in a single account. The platform offers returns of up to 6.58 percent.

The debit card, which is a new project launched alongside NFT, allows cryptocurrencies to be spent anywhere that supports Visa cards. In other words, crypto investors can use their coins in thousands of stores. Mover started providing passive returns by offering NFT loans in partnership with DropsDAO. On the other hand, Mover announced that it has become a DAO, that is, a decentralized autonomous organization.

Latest developments at SHIB

Meanwhile, SHIB introduced “Shiba Lands” with new virtual land purchase options. Different property types will be offered through virtual auctions on lands given priority to LEASH holders. Location is expected to play an important role in the metaverse of the Shiba Inu. Although the Shiba Inu is new to the Metaverse space, most investors are quite optimistic about the market prospects. The 58 percent growth in SHIB’s market cap may imply that many market participants expect SHIB to continue to appreciate in the future. SHIB is trading at $0.000031 at the time of writing.