Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency Reaches 1 Million Investors Milestone


The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, Dogecoin’s main rival, has been experiencing large price fluctuations for over a month and even reached its highest historical value in October. This last Thursday (25), investors noticed a considerable increase, however, this time, it did not take long for the fall to arrive.

The growth came after Shiba Inu’s official Twitter profile published important news for the currency: the achievement of 1 million active investors. In just over 24 hours, the cryptocurrency rose 18%, reaching US$ 0.000044 at the peak of the day.

“Such a proud and incredible milestone for ShibArmy. SHIB reaches one million investors. Today we all cheer and celebrate this great moment in SHIB history,” was posted on the coin’s Twitter.

But it’s like the saying goes, “whatever comes fast, goes fast”. This Friday morning (26th), investors woke up with a considerable drop: at 6 am, the value of the currency was US$ 0.000036, but shortly thereafter, the price stabilized at US$ 0.000038.

SHIB can be seen as a cryptocurrency-meme, that is, it is more influenced by investor speculation than by the project itself. However, since it was made available on the market, the cryptoactive has already achieved a valuation of 91,112,600%. As a result, some people became millionaires investing in high-risk assets.