SHIB and Bitcoin move from Elon Musk’s Tesla!


It looks like Tesla has taken a step towards SHIB and Bitcoin. The rumors put forward today fell like a bomb on the crypto currency agenda!


A new move has come from billionaire Elon Musk’s Tesla electric vehicle company to pay with SHIB and Bitcoin. The rumors emerging today seem to confuse the cryptocurrency markets. In fact, Tesla already had plans to pay with Bitcoin. However, the company took a step back, stating that this cryptocurrency is not environmentally friendly enough.

Now, Tesla’s plans seem to have changed. Here is why…

SHIB and Bitcoin appeared in codes on the Tesla website!

WatcherGuru developers have found new information. The developers have accessed the secret codes on Tesla’s website. In the codes in question, the names Bitcoin and Shiba Inu drew attention as alternative payment methods. The news particularly caught the attention of Shiba Inu investors.

The source codes on the Tesla website list SHIB and Bitcoin in the ‘inspect element’ at checkout. However, there was no official statement from Tesla. However, the codes were confirmed on SHIB’s official Twitter account. The developers who developed the Shiba Inu announced that they examined and verified the codes in question.

However, later on, the Watcher Guru platform shared an update. In the statement, they stated that SHIB has been removed from Tesla’s payment transaction codes. However, the team added that Bitcoin is still in the codes.

Meanwhile, many know that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is fond of Dogecoin. The Shiba Inu, also known as the ‘DOGE killer’, has had a big break. However, although both ‘meme’ cryptocurrencies do not have much purpose, their investors are increasing.

Shiba Inu had a big break in October. This cryptocurrency is currently trading at $0.00007105 (in the last hours of November 1, 2021). As Tesla news broke today, the SHIB market cap rose more than 10 percent to $39,032,920,890.29. In addition, while the circulating supply is 549,095,509,738,353, the total supply appears to be 589,738,956,207.004.

In addition, according to data from CoinTrendz covering October 11, 419 people tweeted about SHIB in an hour. Thus, the Shiba Inu became the most talked about cryptocurrency on Twitter. 307 people spoke about Bitcoin (BTC). Ethereum (ETH) placed third with 188 tweets.

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