Shia Labeouf fired from Don’t Worry Darling? Olivia Wilde and the actor have very different stories


Earlier this week, Olivia Wilde talked about all the subtleties of creating “Don’t Worry, Darling,” saying that Shia Labeouf was originally supposed to play the role that is now being played by pop music superstar Harry Styles. Nothing worked out between them, and since August 2020, LaBeouf has no longer participated in production.

Now it turns out that the reasons why LaBeouf left Don’t Worry Darling are not so clear. While Wilde said she fired him, LaBeouf said he quit. That’s what both sides say for themselves.

What Olivia Wilde Said about Shia LaBeouf’s Departure from Don’t Worry Darling

In a Variety profile, Wilde explained that she and Florence Pugh, who plays the main character in the film, were thrilled to have Harry Styles on board. However, his touring schedule was initially such that he could not participate in the film. So LaBeouf was hired. Wilde was a fan of his work, but things were not going well for him. She said:

I say this as a person who is a big fan of his work. His process did not correspond to the spirit that I demand from my productions. He has a process that seems to require fighting energy, and I personally don’t believe it contributes to better performances. I believe that creating a safe and trusting environment is the best way to get people to do their job in the best possible way. Ultimately, my responsibility to the production and to the actors is to protect them. It was my job.

Throughout his career, LaBeouf has been at the center of numerous controversies, from petty thefts to allegations of abuse leveled against the actor. Shortly after his departure from Don’t Worry Darling, his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs sued him for sexual battery, and he broke up with his agency CAA. Then he was admitted to the hospital.

Wilde continued by saying she was “concerned” that she had learned about LaBeouf’s behavior after what happened to her film and wished him “health and evolution.” However, she said her recruitment should be supportive and safe, especially in the “vulnerable situations” that Pew was in.

How Shia Labeouf remembers her departure from the main role of Harry Styles

The “Peanut Falcon” actor responded to Wilde shortly after the profile was posted, saying he left the film because he didn’t feel the actors had enough time to rehearse. He even sent screenshots of the texts he sent to Wilde in August 2020, explaining that he was leaving production. After the profile was published, LaBeouf emailed Wilde. Take him?

I’ve never been fired, Olivia. And while I fully understand the appeal of promoting this story because of the current social landscape, the social currency it brings. That’s not true. Therefore, I humbly ask, as a person striving to fix everything, that you correct the narrative as best as possible. I hope none of this will affect you negatively, and that your film will be successful in every way you want.

In an email sent to Variety, Labeouf admits that his “firing is an attractive lure” because of his confusing reputation. He said what happened to his ex-girlfriend is “fundamental and real,” but they are not part of this story. Labeouf went on to say that what Wilde said is not true, and because of this it is more difficult for him to “crawl out of the hole” into which he has driven himself because of his erratic behavior in the past.

Regardless of whether he left or was fired, “Don’t Worry, dear” united and has made a lot of noise since then. Earlier this week, Styles spoke about his relationship with Wilde. Wilde received custody papers during her presentation at CinemaCon from her ex Jason Sudeikis. There are also rumors that Pugh and Wilde are feuding, and Pugh earns less than Styles.

However, there is also a lot of expectation and excitement for Don’t Worry Darling. It will be interesting to see how this goes down, and if anything else comes out before the film is released in September. Check out the movie schedule for 2022 to learn more about the release.


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