“She’s not just Marilyn Monroe,” Kanye West Praises ex—wife Kim for compromising over Children


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are learning to raise children peacefully. The rapper and socialite were married for eight years before they broke up. Together they have four children, whom the former couple still loves very much. And despite the difference of opinion, the duo together finds ways to work around their problems and find a compromise. Kanye, who is known for using social media to raise issues, has also used it to communicate with his Kardashian family.

After parting with the owner of SKN, the Gold Digger singer cares very much about children and wants to decide where the children will go to school. He even mentioned Hulu, the original KUWTK network, saying they can’t decide where his children study. And it seems that a solution has already been found.

Kim and Kanye West choose a school for their child

Kardashian and West are married with four children, namely North, Palm, Chicago and Saint. During an interview with Tucker Carlson for Fox News, the rapper talked about his personal life. He and Kim, a former loving couple, ran into each other when Ye wanted the children to attend his school, Dongda Academy full-time, his school, which he named after his mother. Although this could not have happened, they have now reached a compromise whereby the children will go to Kanye’s school after attending their own school. “I was sitting there with my son, and he came up and said, “Why should I sing? I don’t even go to your school.” This, according to Kanye, prompted him to insist that children visit the Don and learn about Christianity, music and Mass.

According to him, Sierra Canyon, a full-time school for children, does not teach them important and religious things. The musician wants his children not to be indoctrinated. Although, despite the difference of opinion, Kanye praised his ex-wife: “Kim looks like a hybrid. She’s not just Marilyn Monroe.” The artist praised her for being a lawyer, a businesswoman and a mother.

But he also thinks that the people around Kim are forcing her to show the world that being a single woman is a good thing, which, in his opinion, is bad. Similar hasn’t finished discussing his family yet. Do you think Kim and Kanye have a chance to reunite as a couple? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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