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Sadie Sink and Millie Bobby Brown are her main stars of the TV series “Very Strange Things“. While the latter joined the cast in the second season, the former was already an integral part of the cast and soared to fame a year earlier. Both girls are almost the same age and have demonstrated a great camaraderie both on and off screen. Therefore, when Brown appeared at Comic con, she told what her co-star in the film was like, even before filming began.

“Very Strange Things” has garnered millions of views, broken records and even disabled Netflix servers this year with the premiere of the fourth season. Although there is no confirmed date when the fifth and final installment will appear, the team is currently working on it. Meanwhile, it’s time to enjoy the wonderful connection of two outstanding performers of the show.

Millie Bobby Brown said that Sadie Sink is a lark, and she liked early morning shooting.
The owner of Florence by Mills told during a meeting with fans that she is an “owl” and likes to shoot at night much more than Sadie Sink. The teenager likes to work and admits to being a workaholic, but appreciates it when the call time comes later in the day.

“Sadie is a lark. So at 6 a.m., it was like she got her green juice, and she said: “Let’s do it,” and I’m like, “get away from me,” Millie explained. Then the teenager began to imitate his grumpiness early in the morning and stay in high spirits at 2 a.m.

She admitted that filming was hard at times; it was challenging at times, but mostly she was looking forward to it. In particular, she liked to shoot the roller skating scene. However, she was afraid to spend time in Vienna’s lair.

Since the Duffer Brothers series is currently on hiatus, the stars have taken up other projects. Millie Brown Brown will soon return to your Netflix screens in November with the movie “Enola Holmes 2”. Meanwhile, actor Max is playing alongside Branden Fraser in Darren Aronofsky’s next film, The Whale.

Who do you relate to more? Sadie or Millie? Make your choice in the comments below.

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