“She’s just crazy about Harry” — when Meghan Markle was outraged that she was not presented


From the very beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has had a bittersweet relationship with the media, especially with the British tabloids. From time to time there were reports that the Duchess of Sussex did not like what the media wrote about her. There was one time in 2017 when the October issue of Vanity Fair infuriated and outraged the former American actress.

Megan gave an interview to the magazine, hoping that they would talk about her work in the drama “Force Majeure” and her contribution to the world as a philanthropist and activist. Although Meghan Markle looked adorable on the cover, the headline on the front page so impressed her that she was ready to fire her public adviser.

What’s wrong with the cover of Vanity Fair magazine featuring Meghan Markle?

Vanity Fair released the October 2017 issue of the magazine with Meghan Markle as the face and the headline “She’s just crazy about Harry.” The graduate of “Force Majeure” found the headline humiliating and racist. It is noteworthy that this is a blackface number that was performed in the 1993 film “Babes in Arms”.

In his forthcoming book, Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, royal writer Valentine Lowe claims that both Harry and Meghan were absolutely outraged by the latter’s presentation. After the cover was released, the Duchess also wanted to fire Kayleigh Thomas from Sunshine Sachs as her PR man.

“Harry and Meghan tried to change it online because [they thought] it was racially motivated,” a Lowe source said, as mentioned by the Daily Mail. It is noteworthy that Meghan had to convince Harry to give an interview, telling him that it would be a celebration of the 100th episode of her popular legal drama series.

At that time, the actress could not speak publicly about politics, such sensitive topics as race, and her relationship with Harry. The only reason she did the cover was because she assured the prince that the interview would be about her show “Force Majeure.” After all the controversy, Vanity Fair editor Sam Kashner admitted that he was only concerned about Meghan’s relationship with Harry. Sam denied knowing anything about the TV show and the actress before rumors surfaced about her affair with the Duke.


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