Sherlock Holmes Part One shows the criminal world


Frogwares shows new locations and solves some unknowns about this video game starring a Sherlock barely 20 years old.

Several months have passed since Frogwares announced the development of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, a video game that tells one of the first cases of the most famous detective in literature. At MeriStation we had the opportunity to interview Sergey Oganesyan, producer of the title, so we encourage you to read everything they told us on that occasion. However, the studio has just released a new trailer, while it has revealed unknown details about this action adventure with touches of thriller.

The video presents some of the new locations and gives a good account of the crimes that we will have to solve when we get to the island. According to the press release, the location resembles a Mediterranean paradise, but as we explore, we will soon discover murky secrets, horrible crimes and a judicial system that is anything but fair. There, the locals tend to take justice into their own hands, while the authorities make tortious use of the organs that govern the management of the place.

Other news about the game

According to Antonina Melnykova, head of the narrative, the main story will last about 15 hours, although the completists will be able to enjoy about 30 or 40 hours of play. In addition to the 5 main missions, the game will offer about 30 secondary missions, not all of which are equally complex or of the same size. Each one of them, yes, will make us make “a moral decision.”

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During the main missions we will find several suspects, but choosing the culprit will depend on your skills as a detective and how you interpret the clues and theories. According to Melynkova, they want to escape from black and white, so they will go for gray tones. Regarding the combat system, the designer Yaroslav Martyniuk argues that you cannot shoot anyone in the street, as that does not fit with the philosophy of the character. “Combat only takes place if it is justified by history.” In those cases, the player is encouraged not to use lethal ammunition. If you do, your relationship with your friend Jon may end up shaking.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is still in the pre-alpha phase, but Frogwares intends to teach detective gameplay in December or January. The study ensures that it is not a game as a service, although they do propose to support the product with post-launch content. In addition, the customization of Sherlock Holmes’ mansion will be another aspect that the user can experiment with.


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