Shenmue 3 Is Free on The Epic Games Store


Shenmue 3: Each year, the Epic Games Store fulfills the fans’ dream and delivers free Christmas gifts during the holiday season. As rumors already indicated, this Thursday (16) the store began making the titles available: the first free game on the list is the classic Shenmue 3, released in 2019.

The game will be available for 24 hours for users of the Epic Games Store, until 1pm next Friday (17). It is worth noting that only the PC version is available for free for download, that is, PlayStation 4 owners will be left out of the opportunity.

More games available in the coming days

Luckily, the Epic Games Store year-end campaign will run for 15 days and release other games until January 6, 2022 — last year, 12 games were released for free. In addition, when you log into your account, the store will present you with a R$40 coupon.

According to rumors from Dealabs forum user Billbill-Kun, the next game on the list will be added as early as next Friday, and so on, until they complete 15 free games — user hit campaign start date and first game.

The classic Shenmue franchise began in 1999 for SEGA’s Dreamcast console and, as early as 2001, gained the sequel Shenmue 2. Then, 18 years after the release of the last title, Shenmue 3 has returned with the story of the saga’s favorite characters.