Sheep Brain Out of 2100 Years Old Clay Mask

Tagar clay head

The clay mask, discovered in Siberia and thought to belong to a warrior, was thought to contain human remains. New imaging techniques revealed that the remains belonged to a sheep, not a human.

Many years ago, the remains of a warrior were found in an excavation site in Siberia. This warrior, who died 2100 years ago, was buried with the burned body of 200 people. The buried people covered the warrior’s head with a clay cap / mask.

The researchers thought that for a very long time, there were warrior remains in the clay mask, but they did not open the mask in order not to damage the historical residue, so they never saw what was inside.

The brain of the sheep, not the warrior:
Shestakovsky Tombs The ruins that appeared in the excavation area number 6 were actually found in 1968. Thanks to the newly developed imaging techniques, the secret of the mask has been exposed. Dr. of the researchers. Konstantin Kuper stated that finding the sheep’s brain is quite surprising for them.

It is stated that the warrior is an individual from the Tagar people. It is stated that these people have quite complex and interesting funeral customs. These include customs such as the mummification of the deceased members and the last burial of all family members.

The warrior is in a similar situation, according to experts. In the memory of the warrior who is thought to have died in distant lands, it is stated that the sheep’s brain may have been used. Another possibility is that such a procedure could have been made to ‘make a clean start’ in the other world, a warrior, a sinful person.

The warrior’s mystery is not solved:
Another point that the researchers emphasize is shown as excessive wear of the mummified corpse. Dr. Elga Vadetskaya says the dead were partially mummified. Mummies wear out as they wait, and only the head remains at the end. Sometimes even the skull can be damaged.

According to the expert, the brain of the sheep may have been placed inside the skull during the restoration process after such a situation occurred. There are many interesting customs of people who lived in ancient times.


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