She was offered a job as a waitress


A 22-year-old girl denounced through social networks what happened to her in a job interview for a waitress in a very central place in Madrid, Spain.

According to the girl told the Public newspaper, María was interested in a job offer that was published on a job page: JobToday.

“I applied through JobToday for a waitress offer in which they paid about $ 1,000 to $ 1,500 a month to work from Wednesday to Sunday from 2 to 8 pm. They selected me and the owner sent me a message explaining that I should receive customers. Something that I interpreted as an usher and waitress, “says María.

“When I got to the bar, called Bi & Bi, I wrote to the man on WhatsApp to let him know that I had arrived half an hour earlier and I was able to enter the interview at 3.30 pm,” says the affected woman.

“Upon entering, I noticed that there were two very young girls at the bar and since the owner of the place did not know how to speak Spanish well, he called one of them and she was the one who told me what to do there. Basically she told me that I had to recruit men over 35 and with work so that they would invite me to have a drink at that bar, “she explained.

“As the waitress told me, now attracting men on the street is much more difficult due to the coronavirus, that’s why I had to install Tinder and Badoo and meet them to get them to the bar without them knowing that I work there. Upon arrival, I would have to go to a VIP room that I didn’t even know existed ”, the girl told the aforementioned newspaper.

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In the VIP room it was hidden, separated by long corridors and curtains. It was dimly lit, it had sofas and two small tables. That was where the girl had to take clients to try to make them consume a lot and spend a lot.


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