She was deprived of her grandchildren for Christmas!


Kate Middleton’s mother may have a very sad Christmas! She will not be able to see her grandchildren for the occasion …

Carole Middleton is “heartbroken”! Indeed, because of the Covid and the confinement, England may not allow travel for Christmas … Kate Middlton’s mother will therefore not see her daughter or her grandchildren.

The English have thus decided to take strong measures to try to stop the pandemic. But the families risk finding themselves scattered… Because, even in the royal family, certain traditions could not hold.

Thus, Carole, the mother of Kate Middleton, hoped to have her four grandchildren for Christmas Day. She could then have offered her gifts to George, Charlotte and Louis… But also to Arthur, Pippa’s son!

Unfortunately for her, all this may well end up being postponed to 2021. In France, the Minister of Health has thus warned, “Christmas will not be like the others”… But in England either.

Reuniting families may thus be even harder on the other side of the Channel. Kate Middleton has therefore already warned her mother, who is starting to organize herself… She talks about it to the Daily Express.


“We shouldn’t be able to meet again… But after a year like 2020, we have to remember what matters at Christmas. “What matters, therefore, the family… But this year, health above all!
Kate Middleton and her mother therefore seem on the same page: the party will wait. Carole therefore makes a cross, with regret, on the happy heads of her grandchildren when the presents are opened …

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But the grandmother remains very close to her grandchildren… So she has already planned everything! There will therefore be a little Christmas moment on video, so that everyone can celebrate the moment together …

“What really matters to me is that my family stays connected,” concludes Carole Middleton. Mentally Connected, Connected by Internet: Christmas will not go as planned, but Kate Middleton will have her family around her!


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