“She was… a quiet person on the set,” amid the fiasco of the show “Deal or No Deal,” the stylist supports Meghan Markle


When hate speech and a sharp negative reaction to the Duchess broke out because of her “Deal or no Deal” statements, hardly anyone sounded in support of Meghan Markle. Apart from the host of the show, there was not a single person who would support Markle for a good reason, which she voiced on her homemade platform. However, another supporter has joined her efforts, as she decides to declare Markle in her media.

One of Markle’s cellmates who worked with her took her position. Although she made several opposing comments to what the Duchess said about archetypes last week, she praised the Duchess in every possible way. But who was she? Read on to find out what she said.

Dina Cercione praises Meghan Markle

According to Us Weekly, the show’s stylist Dina Cercione recalled working with the then-actress and noticed: “I remember Megan as a very professional and pleasant person.” Although Markle is known for boldly voicing her opinion, at the time, Dina said: “In general, she was a quiet person on the set.” While Markle worked as a girl with a briefcase in the series, Cercione was the main stylist.

Her intention and total dedication was to make “every woman look as good as possible.” Next, she talked about the ways of the American Live show and its ways. The stylist stated that the models were never “forced” to do anything.

Despite all the words of gratitude, it was in stark contrast to what the Duchess confessed a week ago. Nevertheless, the year and a half that she spent working with the then-star, she values very much.

Recalling her time as a “briefcase girl,” the Duchess spoke about some of the harsh realities she faced behind the scenes. She opposed some strict rules according to which performers must appear on stage externally. In justification, Markle told how every week they were given vouchers for tanning. “We had a very formulaic idea of exactly how we should look,” admitted Markle.

Her words denigrating the show caused controversy on social media. Twitter almost stormed the platform, bringing back another controversial old clip of the former star, denouncing her obvious hypocrisy.


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