She used Tinder for blueberry business fraud


A scam artist, who used Tinder to deceive her victims and who managed to get around almost a million dollars from her dates to finance her addiction to gambling, has been jailed.

Jocelyn Zakhour, a native of Melbourne, Australia, convinced her dates to lend her huge sums of money for a supposed blueberry plantation. The woman used blackmail and extortion tactics.

The 41-year-old, who was recently tried, broke down in tears in Victoria County court when she was sentenced to four and a half years in prison, with a non-parole period of two years and eight months.

She has reportedly returned a tenth of the money taken so far, 9News reports.

To her first victim, Zakhour was promised a 300% profit, but she had to invest about $ 723,700.

She then continued to extort money from the man to give her more money.

The defendant sent her first victim up to 240 emails, threatening her ex-wife, her children and her mother until the man began to borrow money to keep up with the payments demanded by the scammer.

Zakhour accused him of being a fool for falling in love with her lies when they finally caught her. She was not her only victim.

“It was ruthless exploitation and it has broken the ability of these men to trust those around them,” said Judge Gregory Lyon.

His second victim was a financial planner who was persuaded to transfer $ 61,000. Zakhour told him that he needed the money to buy more farm equipment and to cover employee wages.

Zakhour was sentenced on charges of deception, blackmail and extortion with threat of injury.

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