She-Hulk: She says she won’t play Hulka in Disney +


The actress acknowledges that she knows nothing about Marvel Studios and that the information that emerged weeks ago about her involvement with the character is not real.

Surprising news comes from the Marvel universe, more specifically about one of her next series for Disney +; And it is that a few weeks ago, proven media such as Deadline or The Hollywood Reporter, announced with great fanfare that the actress Tatiana Maslany was chosen by Marvel Studios to play She-Hulk, the protagonist of her own series scheduled for 2022. Now, the actress herself has assured in recent statements that she has no news about Marvel and that the information about her hiring “is not real.”

Tatiana Maslany knows nothing about Marvel Studios

And is that the news about her future as Hulka went around the world, echoing all the international media, apparently, to her own surprise. This is how she explained it in a recent interview about her professional career: “The truth is that this is not real, it is a press advertisement that has overflowed. I have been in contact with these issues in the past and the press has echoed, but it is not something that is going to happen, unfortunately, “says Maslany.

She-Hulk: Tatiana Maslany Says She Won’t Play Hulka On Disney +

Recall that powerful media such as the BBC announced their hiring by Marvel Studios, to which the actress replies “I don’t know how these things work … I don’t know. You know better! ”He comments in response to the interviewer’s question. Even the actor who plays the Hulk himself, Mark Ruffalo, openly congratulated Maslany on the role via Twitter. However, it seems that the role of She-Hulk remains up in the air, although Maslany is delighted that someone has thought of her to star in one of the next Marvel Studios series.

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