“She has…” Courtney Love Compares Lana Del Rey to The Legendary Kurt Cobain For This Striking Reason


Courtney Love is considered one of the most influential singers and a well-known figure of the alternative and grunge scene of the 1990s. She undoubtedly has a lot of talents, and her career has gone from musician to actress and writer. The California-born star worked as an actress, appearing in high-budget films such as Man on the Moon and Trapped.


And her singing has always attracted people’s attention and has been nominated for a Grammy Award three times. Currently, the 58-year-old artist is returning with her new album after almost 12 years, as she said in a new interview. Moreover, it is for this reason that Love compared Lana Del Rey to the legendary musician Kurt Cobain.

Courtney Love called Lana Del Rey and Kurt Cobain the greatest musicians

Courtney Love recently met with Marc Maron on his WTF podcast to talk about her upcoming album. During the conversation, she praised six-time Grammy Award nominee singer Lana Del Rey. She said her late husband Kurt Cobain and Lana are two of the greatest musicians she has ever known.

Moreover, she compared both of these musicians to the greatest American director Steven Spielberg.

“She’s a genius too. She has the integrity that Kurt had. The only two people I know that I can say [this] about,” the “Straight to Hell” star explained. Love was closely associated with the Honeymoon singer and had previously toured with her in support of the latter’s 2014 album Ultraviolet.

Love shared how much she loves artists like Billie Joe Armstrong, but Del Ray has magic. And since the star of Sid and Nancy told the Young and Beautiful singer not to go crazy, the former believes that the latter managed to keep her sanity. Love was especially grateful to Del Ray for getting rid of the over-culture, and deleted her social media accounts.


Meanwhile, in the same interview, she talked about how she was fired from Fight Club after she “went nuclear” on Brad Pitt and director Gus Van Sant. Since the film was based on her late husband Kurt Cobain. If you want to hear the full conversation about the WTF podcast, watch it here.


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