“Shazam” vs. “Wonder Woman” Makes Marvel’s Bloodiest Murder Even More Disturbing


Warning: Contains spoilers for DC vs. Vampires #7!

The critically acclaimed (and truly terrifying) DC Comics series DC vs Vampires gives Marvel a chance for its money: Shazam and Wonder Woman commit a murder that is somehow even more terrifying than the Sentry tearing Ares in two. While the horrific murder of Ares by a Sentry may be bloodier than the murders of Shazam and Wonder Woman, it is their personal connection to their victim, combined with their glee and excitement, that makes it so much more disturbing.

The infamous murder of Ares by a Sentry occurred during Marvel’s “Siege” event, when Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers laid siege to Earth-Bound Asgard, resulting in the Sentry graphically ripping Ares in half in a shocking show of force. The Sentinel is often considered the most powerful Avenger of all time, possessing “the power of a billion exploding suns,” and yet he remains vulnerable to the influence of the evil Void, which has dedicated itself to destroying all his good deeds as a hero. .

DC vs. Vampires #7 — from James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg and Otto Schmidt — gives an idea of the “total war” between the heroes of the Earth who have become vampires and those who are still human. The vampire army has already destroyed many heroes, including Batman, turning major players such as Superman and Green Lantern, but the remaining heroes of Earth refuse to accept defeat or hide. In a terrifying panel, Shazam and Wonder Woman literally tear Superboy in half in a less graphic reflection of the Sentry’s murder of Ares. However, what is missing in the moment is amplified in terms of horror when Superman’s allies tear his son to pieces, shouting about their superiority.

Ares was a violent antihero and an ancient warrior, while Superboy is a hero who only ever tried to help others, so it’s especially grim to see him torn apart by two heroes who acted as his mentors. It’s also terrible that Superman allowed it, showing how disfigured the heroes have become because of the vampire virus. While Green Lantern had previously expressed a desire to spare Flash’s life due to their former friendship, he instead decided to kill him as he would be too dangerous as an opponent, showing that although the undead have some access to their former personalities, they are more concerned with success and survival than the old ones connections. Unfortunately, their victims cannot say the same, because they are being killed by people they used to trust.

Superboy’s death is also terrible news for Earth’s remaining heroes, as it proves that Shazam and Wonder Woman are now as strong as Superman, meaning they can easily destroy the heroes’ secret weapon, the powerless Supergirl.

Marvel Comics made a splash when they published the gruesome murder of Ares by a Sentry, and yet DC somehow surpassed that death by showing Shazam and Wonder Woman’s joyous murder of the heroic Superboy, one of the most disturbing comic book murders in recent years.