Shazam is getting a functional update for Android!


As you know, Shazam, the indispensable application of smartphones, was integrated into the notification bar with the iOS 14.2 beta. With the new feature for Shazam Android, the freedom coming to iOS is transferred to the Android side. Shazam offers persistent notifications for Android. What does it mean? When you want to start the music recognition process on your phone or tablet, Shazam will greet you on the panel where you see notifications.

Shazam introduces new feature for Android: Permanent notifications

It officially comes in 11.00 but is already available in 10.51 for Android, but if you have used it before, “Shazam from the notification bar” is enabled by default. While first time users will have to turn it on from settings, it will take its place here the next time you start it.

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If you want to find the music while using any app after making the necessary adjustments, you will be able to use it to find the song in the notification bar instead of seeing Shazam on your entire screen. After you start playing Shazam to find a track and there is a match, you also get another alert that includes the shortcuts “View Lyrics” and “Share”, along with the track title and artists.

The new Shazam feature offers a very practical use compared to opening the application. In order for Shazam to start listening to music at the beginning, you still have to enter the application, but when you exit, the application can switch between other applications, while the application can continue to search for the track you want to find.

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