Shawn Mendes Is Not The Only Important Man In The Life Of Camila Cabello


Camila Cabello is completely in love with Shawn Mendes, or that at least is what we can deduce from the images that come from them since they published Miss. But it is clear that the Canadian is not the only man in her life.

The singer is strongly linked to her family and her father is a benchmark for her. “My dad, I could cry right now just thinking about you. Oh yeah. I’m crying hahaha, ”she acknowledged when her congratulation began. And they are birthday.

“Every year I write something around here for your birthday and just because I love having the opportunity to write and reflect on how lucky I am to have you as my dad,” she explained about this momentary father daughter.

“I think about when I was a baby and every time I cried you hugged me and calmed me down, I think about when you tickled me and tickled Tofi until we peeled in laughter in my pants,” she begins to remember about family moments that Shee has not been able to forget.

And she has many of those moments: “I think about that picture of me on my first day at the nursery where I am crying clinging to your leg because I didn’t want to leave you, I think of high school when you woke me up and told me to prepare and 20 minutes later I was in my fucking bed sleeping with the uniform and you were like ‘CAMILITA PLEASE RISE DAUGHTER.’

“I think about when I broke my chin when I was 4 years old and you told me that they were going to put a magic gold thread on my chin because I was afraid of stitches. Now I think that I am older and that the scratches, breaks and wounds are in my heart, and you look at me as if you want to tell me that there is a magic thread that will make them disappear, but instead you only make me laugh while I am crying, which; when you’re 22 years old, it’s basically a magic golden thread, ”she kept writing about the support she receives from her father.

“I think of every time that your trust in me and who I am is so strong that it reminds me that I have to believe in myself. I think about the fact that there is nothing on this earth that you would not do for us, and you give us the strongest, fiercest, dumbest and purest love in the whole world. I love you my dad Happy birthday ❤ ”, I ended up writing with this nostalgic dye that surely has made more than one tear drop.

There was nothing more to see the comments on her Instagram, full of red hearts, to see how much her followers liked these words that highlight the special union the singer has with her father.

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