Shawn Mendes could be preparing a new album


Shawn Mendes may be revealing some clues to a new musical era in his career. Shawn Mendes is giving some hints of new projects, will it surprise his fans with music ?

Apparently Shawn Mendes was kept very creative and active during the quarantine, the ‘Stitches’ performer has his fans from all over the world very excited about some possible new music announcements.

It is not a secret of Shawn Mendes loves tattoos , the singer very much enjoys capturing great moments on his body, one of his greatest inspirations is nature, since he has a bird tattoo on his hand, on his arm a light bulb with blue flowers and a butterfly .

Mendes in his social networks constantly shares his daily activities, in different posts he has published his moments in the recording studio or doing some tone tests with his guitar.

Today, Shawn Mendes was very active on networks , specifically on Instagram , where he commented on some posts from a profile that belongs to his fan club . The administrators of the account @shawnsbottles made some posts and in the descriptions you could read:

We just want new music from this boy

And in the image you see Shawn Mendes very happy, the artist immediately replied:

Soon come

While in another post on the same account he wrote:

Sweet little human butterfly … I’m coming

In the past, the singer has said several times that he marries one of his tattoos that represents a very special album or song for him, so fans suspect that the symbol of this new era is a butterfly.

To celebrate this possible launch of a new project, fans of singer Shawn Mendes created the hashtag #SM4IsComing , which immediately became trending on Twitter, with some netizens commenting that they were eagerly awaiting their music .

The love relationship of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello is going better than ever, some time ago the couple decided to capture their love with significant couple tattoos in a major studio in the city of Los Angeles.

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