Shawn Mendes Agrees To Have Lied To Camila Cabello In The Past


Shawn Mendes took a lie detector test that made him very nervous. As if it were a true police investigation or a Hollywood action movie where the suspect is placed under a light with a lie detector adjusted to his body, Shawn Mendes answered some questions about his life, his relationships, Justin Bieber, and if he ever He has lied to Camila Cabello.

It was for a particular dynamic with Vanity Fair magazine that the Canadian agreed to undergo a lie detector process, initially accepting that he is considered bad enough to lie, so with the help of his nerves and the device the truth would come out.

Over the course of 15 minutes, Shawn Mendes answered questions like what he had felt when he recorded a song with Justin Bieber last year after accepting that he had been one of the reasons why he started singing; He also confessed that he has told some lies to his current girlfriend, Camila Cabello and expressed his opinion about Harry Styles, who said he seemed like a good guy despite not having met him yet.

“In a recent interview, you said that your girlfriend thinks you are incapable of lying. Does that mean you are VERY good at lying? ”They asked him, to which he immediately said that he is not. “So you’ve never lied …”, replied the woman and Shawn interrupted nervously to clarify “I’m not saying that, I have definitely lied.”

“Your girlfriend?” Added the Vanity Fair interviewer. “Yes,” replied the interpreter with a nervous laugh.

“We will move into the relationship category,” said the person who asked the questions, making Shawn Mendes’s heart race, according to the lie detector.

In this section, Shawn said that he is still friends with Taylor Swift and spoke his mind about her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. “I never met Joe personally, but he seems like a… He seems like a sweet guy,” he pointed out, to which the detector administrator accused him of lying, putting him at a crossroads.

“Am I lying a little? Yes. I mean, he has a kind of villainous look. I mean, he seems like a nice guy, but he could turn into a villain at any moment. You know? He has really blue eyes and I struggle with those blue eyes … I find it easier to trust brown eyes, ”he clarified.

Among other issues, Shawn Mendes was questioned about his social networks, Instagram, who he follows and that his dog Tarzan is super spoiled, ending with his opinion about the Mendes ARMY, a name that he shares with the BTS fandom and that he said no consider them to be so intense; at the end he passed the exam according to the detector and its administrator.


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