Shawn Layden, ex-CEO da SIE, entra para a Streamline


Shawn Layden: PlayStation fans will fondly remember Shawn Layden, the former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America. Today (27) Streamline Media Group announced that the executive is its newest board member, where he will help shape a global gaming strategy.

“We are honored and very excited to welcome Shawn to the team as we line up to see where the video game industry is headed,” celebrated Alexander Fernandez, Streamline’s CEO and co-founder. “We want to see how we can provide greater social and economic mobility for current and future generations.”

“The lines between media, entertainment, technology and video games are converging, so now is the time to create a sustainable structure around them, allowing different business models to evolve and getting a greater variety of people, voices and talents to help us. to shape the future.”

Currently based in Malaysia, Streamline Studios was founded in 2001 in the Netherlands and helped launch titles such as Final Fantasy XV, Death Stranding and Outriders, being a major commercial partner of Square Enix, Microsoft and Capcom. With a new office in Las Vegas, USA, Shawn will help the company be more active in the Americas.

“We are at the edge of the current model,” Shawn said. “The cost of creating games is no longer sustainable and the industry is at its limit. It’s time for someone to come along, break the system and let more people participate. Streamline is amazing and is well positioned to transform the business!”

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