Sharon Stone Says Michael Douglas Earned $13 Million More Than She Did For “Basic Instinct.”


Sharon Stone has revealed that her “Basic Instinct” earned $13 million more than she did after starring in the cult film.

The actor, who also starred in such blockbusters as “Remember Everything” and “Casino”, lit up early in an erotic thriller. Despite the fact that she got such an impressive and iconic lead role, Stone says that her fee for the film lagged behind that of her co-star Douglas.

According to UniLad, Stone revealed the information at the 43rd annual Muse Awards dinner in New York for women in film and Television yesterday (March 28). She said at the event: “Michael Douglas earned $14 million. Now I was a beginner. I was a rookie, and he was a very big star.”

She added: “We need to think more about what women can do.”

Recalling other moments from her early career that made an impression on her, Stone noticed that there was a sharp prejudice against men in this industry.

She said: “When I came to the set, there were 300 men there, and my hair, makeup and costumers were male when I was shooting sex scenes. It was all men and me.”

Continuing to repeat this thought, she added: “And sometimes. I could ask the costume designer, who might be a woman, if she would mind staying on set while I do it.”

Despite the negative aspect of her first riff, Stone continued to tell the audience that things had moved on in Hollywood. “Well, everything has changed, now women are acting in films, and I am very grateful,” she added.

This isn’t the first time Stone has reflected on his early work. Recently, the “Catwoman” actress, who worked with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci on the 1995 gangster movie Casino, said that neither of these two stars is in any way a misogynist.

However, after this clarification, Stone attacked other male box office stars. “I’ve worked with some of the biggest stars in the business who literally talk to my close—up,” she told Variety. “They’re such misogynists — it’s not Robert De Niro. It’s not Joe Pesci, it’s not those guys.”


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